Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60

Explore Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60

Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60, a prominent viewpoint in Wollongong, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Illawarra coastline and surrounding areas. Renowned for its historical significance and natural beauty, Hill 60 provides a perfect escape for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike.

Discover the Panoramic Views at Hill 60

Visitors to Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60 can enjoy extensive vistas that encompass the ocean, escarpment, and cityscape. The lookout is an ideal spot for photography, bird watching, or simply soaking in the serene environment. The area is also rich in Indigenous and wartime history, with informational plaques that provide insight into its past.

Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60
Exploring tunnels

Activities and Amenities at Hill 60

Hill 60 is not only a place for spectacular views but also offers various recreational activities. There are walking tracks suitable for all fitness levels, picnic areas for family outings, and spots for peaceful contemplation. The well-maintained paths lead to different vantage points, each offering a unique perspective of the stunning scenery.

Dining at At Chong Kho: A Culinary Journey Near Hill 60

After exploring the natural wonders of Hill 60, visit At Chong Kho to experience the rich flavours of Thailand. Located just a short drive from the lookout, our restaurant is a favourite among locals and visitors seeking authentic Thai cuisine in Wollongong.

Authentic Thai Cuisine at At Chong Kho

At Chong Kho is dedicated to providing an authentic Thai dining experience. Our menu features traditional Thai dishes such as spicy curries, fragrant soups, and delicious stir-fries, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our chefs specialise in Thai culinary techniques, bringing the genuine tastes of Thailand to your plate.

A Tranquil Dining Experience

Complement your day at Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60 with a meal at At Chong Kho, where the ambiance mirrors the tranquillity of the lookout. Our restaurant’s decor, inspired by Thai culture, provides a peaceful retreat where guests can relax and enjoy their meal in a calm setting.

Dishes at Chong Kho
Hill 60 heritage

Explore More in Wollongong

Pairing a visit to Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60 with a dining experience at At Chong Kho offers a full day of exploration and enjoyment. Our restaurant’s proximity to the lookout makes it convenient for guests to combine outdoor adventure with a satisfying culinary journey.

A Destination for All Occasions

Whether you are on a romantic getaway, family day out, or solo adventure, the combination of Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60 and At Chong Kho caters to all. Enjoy the natural beauty of Wollongong and savour authentic Thai flavours, all within close proximity to each other.

Dessert At Chong Kho

Experience the Best of Wollongong’s Natural Beauty and Cuisine

Visiting Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60 and dining at At Chong Kho offers an enriching experience that combines the scenic beauty of Wollongong with the culinary delights of Thailand. Make the most of your visit by exploring the lookout and treating yourself to a meal that reflects the authenticity and quality of Thai cuisine.

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