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Gala Cinema Warrawong is a cherished entertainment venue in Wollongong, known for its intimate atmosphere and selection of both mainstream and indie films. Conveniently located across the street from At Chong Kho, Gala Cinema provides an exceptional movie-going experience, making it an ideal start to a perfect evening out.

Why Choose Gala Cinema Warrawong for Your Film Night

Gala Cinema Warrawong offers a unique cinematic experience with its cosy setting and personalised service. This cinema is perfect for those who appreciate a quieter, more personal movie experience away from the large crowds of bigger cinemas. Their carefully curated film selections ensure that every visit is special.

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Enhancing Your Cinema Experience

Enjoy state-of-the-art sound and visual quality at Gala Cinema Warrawong, which enhances the storytelling of each film. The cinema also hosts special events and movie nights that cater to specific genres and themes, making it a hub for movie lovers in the area.

Dining at At Chong Kho: A Perfect Culinary Pairing

Just a short walk from Gala Cinema, At Chong Kho offers the finest authentic Thai cuisine in Wollongong. Our restaurant is the perfect place to discuss the film over a delicious meal. With a menu that celebrates the vibrant flavours of Thailand, each dish is a testament to our chefs’ expertise and dedication to authenticity.

Exclusive Offer for Gala Cinema Warrawong Patrons

To enhance your cinematic and dining experience, At Chong Kho is pleased to offer a 10% discount on your meal when you present your Gala Cinema ticket. This offer is our way of adding value to your evening, allowing you to enjoy premium Thai cuisine at a more accessible price.

Dishes at Chong Kho

Experience Authentic Thai Cuisine

At Chong Kho is not just a restaurant; it's a gateway to exploring Thai culture through food. Our authentic Thai restaurant serves up classic dishes such as Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice, all made with traditional ingredients and methods.

A Venue for Every Occasion

Whether you’re enjoying a casual night out, celebrating a special occasion, or just in the mood for great food and a movie, At Chong Kho provides a welcoming atmosphere and exceptional service. Our restaurant is designed to accommodate groups of all sizes, with comfortable seating and a friendly staff that ensures every visit is memorable.

Dish at Chong Kho
Thai food at Chong Kho

Integrating Culture with Dining

We believe that dining is about experiencing a culture, and at At Chong Kho, every meal is an opportunity to do just that. Our décor, music, and presentation are all reflections of Thai culture, providing a full sensory experience that complements your dining adventure.

Experience the Best of Wollongong’s Entertainment and Dining

Combining a visit to Gala Cinema Warrawong with a meal at At Chong Kho offers a seamless and enriching experience. Enjoy a carefully selected film and then cross the street to indulge in authentic Thai cuisine, taking advantage of our cinema-goer discount. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the cultural and culinary highlights of Wollongong.

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